2019 Peliminary Program 

 A preliminary listing of presentations is now available.

All final details will be available in the conference program.

All Plenaries are open to the public.

Plenary I: Thematic Plenary • Thursday, April 4
Moderator: Karleen Pendleton-Jimenez, NACCS Chair, 2019-2020.

Plenary II: Student Plenary
 • Friday, April 5
Frederick A. Cervantes Student Plenary
Moderator: Francisco Villegas, Committee Chair

Plenary III: Chicana Plenary • Saturday, April 6
 Making Familia: Conveying Indigenous and Queer Knowledges through Intergenerational Exchange
Yolanda Chávez Leyva, University of Texas El Paso
El Segundo Barrio and Barrio Duranguito: Reflections on 13 years of organizing

Marivel Danielson, Arizona State University
Finding Familia: Queering Narratives of Home

Anel I. Flores, Independent Scholar, Author, and Artist
Making Familia: Conveying Indigenous and Queer Knowledge through Intergenerational Exchange

Moderators: Isabel Millán and Yvette J. Saavedra, Chicana Caucus Co-Chairs.


NACCS Scholar
Jose Z. Calderón. Pitzer College, Professor Emeritus.

Book Award


Antonia I. Castañeda Prize

Clarissa Rojas. University of California, Davis.  “For the Breath to Return to Love: B/ordering Violence and the War of Drugs” in Routledge History of Latin American Culture. 2017.

Frederick A. Cervantes Student Premio Recipients


Community Recognition

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