What is the calendar year for membership?
The calender year for NACCS membership runs January through December.
Membership is not based on a 12 month period but rather on our calendar year. If you pay or renew your membership during our annual meetings, usually held during the months of March or April, your membership will still officially begin in January and end in December.   If you were to renew or create a new membership beginning September-December, the membership will go to cover the next membership year.

What are the Membership Categories?

  • Regular (including Retired, Joint, Mexico) Members -- Persons subscribing to the objectives of the Association. (Voting members)
  • Student Members -- Undergraduate or Graduate students currently enrolled in accredited institutions may select this membership category for as long as their status as full-time student is in effect. (Voting members). Student members must provide a copy of a current class enrollment for membership.
  • Library and Institutional Members – Libraries and/or Departments subscribing to the objectives of the Association. (Non-voting members)

Do I have to be affiliated with an academic institution to become a member?
No. Any one from the community who agrees with the mission and philosophy of this organization is welcomed.

What is a Joint Membership and how do I apply?
A Joint Membership requires that two people live at the same household address. Work or P.O. Box addresses are not acceptable for this membership category. Joint membership is $60.00. An individual (with the highest grosing incoming) can include any member of their household as a joint member. Students - Undergrad or Graduate - do not use the joint membership as it is not cost effective. Like wise for individuals with the member subscription of "under $20,000". 

What is the Cost of Membership?
Dues for regular members are assessed on a sliding scale based on gross annual income.

Regular Member
(A) Under $20,000 $45
(B) $20,000-$34,999 $60
(C) $35,000-$44,999 $70
(D) $45,000-$54,999 $80
(E) $55,000-$64,999 $90
(D) $65,000-$74,999 $100
(F) $75,000 and over $125
Post Doc Fellows follow regular dues structure
Undergraduate Student $30
Graduate Student $40
Retired $60
Library $85
Institutional $250

Joint w/any member above.....$60 (add to the higher income category)
*Permanent Residents (and residing in Mexico) of Mexico: Under $20,000...$20 and over $20,000...$30
*(residents of other nations follow the above dues structure)

What do you receive as a Member?
In addition to all rights as a member, you will as receive our quarterly newsletter NOTICIAS DE NACCS. As an added benefit for being a NACCS member, a subscription to HISPANIC BUSINESS magazine is provided. Membership offers the opportunity to present at our annual meeting and hold leadership positions in the the organization. Discounts for registration at our annual meeting and on any new proceedings are also given to members.

I am a high school student, can I become a member?
NACCS does not have a special membership for High School students. Your dues would be that of a Undergraduate student. Please be sure to include a copy of your class enrollment. An offer that NACCS does extend to high school students is a discounted registration fee for our annual meetings.

Does Membership include a journal from NACCS?
No. Nor does NACCS have relations with any other Chicano or Latino journal available. There are however specials in which some Journals, in the past, offered a discount rate to their journals as a member of NACCS.

Will I receive a Membership receipt?
With our new automotive system you will receive an email that will provide a link to an online invoice.  Members have experienced that printing from some browsers cuts off the amounts when printing.  We recommend that you either change the page layout to landscape or to use FIREFOX browser. If you mail your membership, once your membership has been submitted online, you will receive an email with the same confirmation information.

What are the time parameters of the NACCS membership year?
NACCS memberships run on a calendar year cycle (January 1st to December 31st). Applications received prior to August 1 will become effective for the calendar year. Applications received after August 1 will be processed for the following calendar year.

Has my membership been renewed?
Auto renewal emails will begin to be sent out in October through February.   If you are confident that you renewed your membership, please feel free contacting our membership coordinator to confirm your status e-mail at membership@naccs.org.

How do I report a change of address?
Address changes may be made online at http://www.naccs.org/naccs/Change_of_Member_Info.asp or contact the Association via e-mail (membership@naccs.org) or the US Postal Service.

What is a Foco?
The activities of a Foco are voluntary. You do not have to attend the meetings that are organized by the Foco representatives to be a member. However, the more you choose to participate in the Foco during the year, you will come to know the association’s business.

Must I be a Caucus member?
No. Membership to a caucus is voluntary. All caucus meetings are open to our membership during our annual meetings. However, to be part of the caucus listserv or to take a leadership role in the caucus you must be a member.

May I add a caucus to my membership mid-year?
Yes, you can download a membership form from this site.  

May I join a caucus without being a member?
No, caucus membership is reserved for individuals with current Association memberships only.

Do you offer lifetime memberships?
Yes, NACCS does offer lifetime memberships. Lifetime membership is $2500 or installments of $250 for 10 years.