Caucus Chairs

Yvette J. Saavedra - 2018
California State University, San Bernardino
yvette.saavedra at

Isabel Millán -2018
Kansas State University  
imillan @

Graduate Student
Tiffany Gonzalez
Texas A&M

Meño Santillana Blanco - 2016
University of Minnesota
jmsantil at

Martha Gonzalez - 2018
California State University, San Marcos
suenoconserpientes at 

Melissa Moreno - 2017
Woodland Community College

Lesbian, Bisexual Mujeres Transgender (LBMT)
Nadia Zepeda
University of California, Los Angeles
NadiaZepeda1 at

Audrey Silvestre
University of California, Los Angeles
audrey.silvestre at

K-12 website
Tania Tolteca - 2016
California State University, Northridge
t.tolteca27 at

Marijane Castillo - 2016
New York University

mhc328 at

Leo Trevino - 2016
University of Texas, San Antonio
leotrevi77 at

Jose G. Moreno - 2016
Michigan State University
morenojo at



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