NACCS has established listservs for its Focos and Caucuses. The listservs are meant as a means for the groups to communicate during the year. The NACCS listservs are unmoderated by network administrators, and are self-regulated and self-enforced. NACCS does however reserve the right to unsubscribe anyone who posts messages that are not in accordance with the NACCS Sexual Harassment statement. 

While the purpose of our listservs is to provide information regarding NACCS activities, in addition to local events/information, the posting of messages to the listserv remains open.  Those subscribed to a listserv are welcome to post messages and encouraged to discuss Foco or Caucus related activities.

Subscription to the listservs is restricted and are not open to general job or vendor postings. NACCS will not post any job or vendor announcements.

Foco Listservs
Each Foco has a listserv. Subscription to a listserv is open but individuals can not subscribe to more than 2 Foco listservs. The listservs provide postings with some discussion and provide a way for NACCS to communicate with our members and interested subscribers.

Caucus Listservs
Each Caucus has a listserv set up for its paid members. Subscription to these listserves are not open to the public. You must be a member of NACCS and of the caucus to be subscribed to the caucus listserv.


Rationale Statement:
After much feedback and suggestions, the NACCS National Board has chosen to develop a new domain site, NACCSONLINE, in order to continue with the tradition of a unified listserv management system. We hope that as we transition our new listserv provider, we will be able to create a better and more efficient means of communication with and between all members.

Listservs for the National Board and Focos have been automatically established and members will be receiving information about those listservs very soon. Listservs for Caucuses and Research Divisions, on the other hand, must be requested by the current Chair or Representative of each group. This will ensure that the establishment of listservs for Caucuses and Research Divisions is occurring for active groups. Currently, we have several Caucuses and Research Divisions that are not active, and thus, the request for a listserv will eliminate unnecessary labor and potential confusion about listserv management.

Consequently, listservs requested by Caucuses and Research Divisions will be managed by the groups’ chair or representative, which will include the ability to add/delete email addresses and select the desired level of moderation. However, all listservs must abide by the online communication policy stated below. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions –

Online Communications Policy Statement:
A listserv is an electronic mailing list that offers an efficient way to disseminate information to large numbers of people and hold long-distance discussions among many people. Mailing lists are an easy way to reach a large audience quickly, by automating the distribution of e-mail to all those who subscribe to the mailing list. Mailing lists have become a critical component of scholarly collaboration. The purpose of listservs in NACCS is to facilitate and disseminate information to eligible members.

If there is reason to believe that the list will be used for illegal purposes, that list will not be established. If it is operational, it will be disabled after consultation with the NACCS National Board.

List members should not be pre-subscribed to a list without their knowledge or permission. Subscribers who request to be unsubscribed from a list should be removed.

The manager of the list is responsible for subscribing or unsubscribing members to the list. List managers are responsible for properly managing their list.

The responsibilities of the list manager include:

  • Advising individuals who will be pre-subscribed to the list of the list's purpose and how to unsubscribe themselves.
  • Responding to subscribers' requests for removal from the list.
  • Assisting subscribers with subscribing or unsubscribing to the list.
  • Correcting subscriptions that are made incorrectly or in error.
  • Responding to errors related to their list such as delivery and remove errors.
  • Staying informed about current listserv policy.
  • Monitoring racist, sexist, or homophobic content, and if a subscriber publishes such content on the listserv, immediately removing them from the list and informing the NACCS National Board.

Membership to a list is not a right of the individual. List managers and the NACCS Board have the right and are responsible for unsubscribing list members who abuse a list by sending off-topic mail to the list, misuse or abuse the resource or are abusive of other list members. distribution of large binary documents via listserv is discouraged. The Listserv host will refuse to send messages that are greater than 300K.

Requesting a List:
To request a list, please email –