NACCS Scholar

The National Association for Chicana and Chicano Studies invites nominations for the NACCS Scholar Award. The Award was established in 1981 to recognize “life achievement” contributions of scholars to Chicana and Chicano Studies. To ensure the special quality of the NACCS Scholar award, nominees should be scholars whom the majority of the NACCS membership would readily recognize.

This award is not necessarily an annual award. Nominations can only come from a Foco, Caucus, or the Board -- not from individuals. The nominee must also be a member of the association. See past Scholar recipients

The nomination must included a CV and a two-page letter of nomination describing how the candidate meets the criterion set forth.

In addition to the letter of nomination, a complete packet must include supporting materials: for example, a selected list of publications, additional letters of support (students/mentees, colleagues, other supporting focos or caucuses), etc. Recent NACCS Scholars have had in excess of five additional supporting letters from prominent Chicana/o studies scholars across the country.   All letters submitted must contain original or digitally stamped (DocuSign) signatures.

The packet must be presented in a professional manner – this is the highest honor given by NACCS and packet should reflect this. The nominating Foco or Caucus should encounter little difficulty in gathering  necessary materials if time is factored in the planning. 

Instructions for Submission:

  • Nominations must be addressed to the NACCS Scholar Committee.
  • The packet must be organized in one combined PDF file with a table of contents.
  • All letters submitted must be on organizational letterhead and be signed.
  • No single items of support for the nomination will be read.
  • Nominations received after the deadline or received in any other format will not be considered.
  • The packet must be received on or before the stated deadline.

Nominations of scholars not selected may be resubmitted but they must include additional supporting materials, and a dated letter for the current year.  Supporting materials may also be resubmitted provided they are not more than two years old.  

For any submission please keep copies, as NACCS will not return any materials submitted.

The following criteria must be addressed:

1. A scholar’s history of involvement in the development of Chicana and Chicano studies as a discipline AND/OR an individual’s significant contributions to scholarly research and writing on the Mexican population of the United States; AND

2. An individual’s significant contribution to the NACCS organization. Attending the conference is not considered a significant contribution.

The award is presented at the Annual Conference and carries a lifetime membership in NACCS.

NOMINATION DEADLINE:  October 27. POSTMARKED ELECTRONICALLY to The nomination submission MUST come in one email, from the foco representative, with one attached file - a PDF only.  No multiple files or applications (jpegs, png, word, etc.) will be accepted. You will receive confirmation. Support letters must be signed using Docusign.

Questions regarding a packet should be addressed to your Foco representative, Caucus chair, the NACCS Chair or the Executive Director.