Midwest Foco

Regional Conference
Latinas & Latinos in the Midwest:
Past, Present, and Future

October 23-25, 2014
University of Missouri - Kansas City

Call for Papers

The conference theme – Latin@s in the Midwest: Past, Present, and Future -- recognizes the rich historical and growing presence of Latin@s in this region. Our goal is to promote awareness and further develop knowledge and analysis of historic, current, and future developments that impact the Latin@ population. Of particular interest is the need to strategize for collective empowerment and leadership of Latin@s in the Midwest and to support collaboration between community leaders and scholars. Also, the conference would like to acknowledge the significant contributions from our Midwest Latin@ and Chicana@ Studies Centers, Departments, and Programs and we particularly welcome their presence and participation. NOTE: We also strongly encourage development of proposals to host the 2015 NACCS Midwest Foco Conference for presentation at our business meeting to be held on Saturday.  See flyer for details.


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