NACCS Press Release on Voting

The “Dream Delayed” has been late in coming. The mission of the National Association for Chicana and Chicano Studies is to empower Chicanas and Chicanos and other Latino groups and advocates through education for civic engagement. To that effect we exhort our communities to act NOW through our vote. Voting can bring changes toward creating a truly equal society. We remind our communities that All US Citizens have the right and a civic duty to vote. All PEOPLE should have the same rights and opportunities to succeed and thrive. The “dream delayed” experienced by our communities is long overdue.

The killing of innocent Black Men and Women as well as other men, women, and children has sparked groundbreaking protests and demonstrations (manifestaciones). The COVID-19 Pandemic has exposed racial, health, education, and economic crises. Our vote in the 2020 election must assure the continuation of our democratic structure and the unalienable rights for all U.S. citizens. As the late great Congressman John R. Lewis said, “The vote is the most powerful non-violent tool we have” to fight and win the battle against social and economic inequities. The Voting Rights Act of 1965 which “prohibits racial discrimination in voting” served as a landmark piece of federal legislation in the United States. We must make sure through education of our communities and others that this law prevails.

As the motto of the United Farm Workers of America cry, “Sí, se puede!” we must ensure our place in this democracy and assure our citizenship responsibilities by engaging in civic education. As members of NACCS, we have the onus to educate everyone about defending the undocumented whose tragic circumstances have receded into the background during this time period and prevents them from voting. We must thus vote for the betterment of all in our communities.

Most importantly, we must engage and educate our fellow citizens on their responsibility to vote in the November election. Through educational efforts, we must ensure that our communities cast educated votes to elect members who help us advance our goals. Our effort will only be successful with continuous encouragement and the participation of everyone WITH US.

For more information about voting, please contact your local voting registrar.


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