The following resolution submitted by the NACCS Board during the 2017 annual conference will be available at soon for member discussion. Once the resolution is officially available it will be open for discussion for 2 weeks.  After which, members voting will be open for 2 weeks. 

Resolution to Add Treasurer-Elect to NACCS Elections

Whereas, it is important that NACCS financial stability be transparent and continuous:

Whereas, the current two year term does not allow for continuous financial continuity to occur:

Whereas, the NACCS Board has realized the importance of financial continuity and transparency:

Whereas, a treasurer elect would work with the outgoing treasurer for 1 year to guarantee financial continuity and transparency:

Whereas, the current treasurer will remain a third year to oversee the new candidate for treasurer elect;

Therefore Be It Resolved, that the NACCS Board recommend the following:

A treasurer-elect position be created and elected for a 1 year term succeeding a 2 year term as treasurer:

Be it Further Resolved, the By-Laws will be changed to incorporate the treasurer-elect position:

Be it Further resolved, the specific By-Law Implications are: 

Article IV: National Board
The composition of the National Board shall be the Chair, Chair-Elect, Secretary, Treasurer –Elect Treasurer, Immediate Past Chair, three At-large Representatives, and the Executive Director. The Board is charged with the responsibility for the governance of the Association. 

All National Board members must maintain good standing within the Association during their term of office, must be active within a Foco or Caucus, must be knowledgeable of the Association and its bylaws, and must promote the general welfare of the Association. The National Board shall oversee and implement all of the Associations policies and procedures. It may establish committees as needed to implement recommendations and resolutions from the membership.  

Article V: Officers, Terms of Office, and Duties

Section 3: Treasurer
The membership shall directly elect the Treasurer for a two-year term- Treasurer Elect. The Treasurer oversees the financial work and health of the Association, is a primary account signatory, and is responsible for assuring that budgets and financial reports are made to the National Board and the membership monthly.

The Treasurer, together with the Executive Director, is responsible for taking charge and custody of all funds and securities of NACCS; receiving and issuing receipts for monies due and payable to NACCS from any source whatsoever; depositing all such monies in the name of NACCS in such banks or depositories as shall be collaboratively selected; and handling dues and allocations of monies for NACCS business. The Treasurer shall, with the National Office, compile and maintain the official list of members in good standing.

To be eligible to run for this office, a candidate for Treasurer- ElectTreasurer must: (1) be a member in good-standing, (2) have been a member continuously for the previous four (4) years before assuming office, (3) have had significant, active participation in NACCS, (4) have made a significant, active contribution to Chicana & Chicano Studies, and (5) have contributed to advance the interests and needs of the Chicana & Chicano community. This person cannot hold more than one National Board position in NACCS at the same time. The person may be re-elected to serve consecutively in this office one time.

Article VI: Election of Officers
All national officers of the Association, with the exception of the National Chair, the Treasurer –Elect, and and Immediate Past Chair, shall be elected directly by the membership, in such a manner as the National Board shall decide to maintain diversity across geography, gender and sexuality, and membership classification.

A Nominating Committee, consisting of members of the National Board, will solicit nominations from the Focos, and Caucuses. The general membership shall vote prior to the Annual Conference. The new officers will be announced at the Annual Conference and also in the post-conference newsletter.

And be it Further resolved, there will be cost implications to the National organization.

Be if Further Resolved, the specific cost implications are:  Making the Treasurer-elect a three year will add cost to the meeting between Treasurer, Treasurer-elect, and Executive Director.

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