Maria Gonzalez Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Department of English
University of Houston
Houston, TX

María C. González is Associate Professor of English at the University of Houston and an authority on American literature, Mexican-American novelists, Chicanx writers, and Feminist and Queer Theory.  Gonzalez is the author of Contemporary Mexican American Women Novelists: Toward a Feminist Identity.  Currently completing a book on the influence of Chicana lesbian writers and queer theory in Chicanx literary studies, she is the co-editor of Voices Breaking Boundaries’ three volume series collection of transnational art and essays, Borderlines.  Past president of the National Women's Studies Association and a board member of the National Association for Chicana and Chicano Studies, she has served on the editorial boards of the NWSA Journal, The Journal of Lesbian Studies, and Chicana/Latina Studies Journal. One of the founders of the GLBT Studies Minor and the LGBT Resource Center at the University of Houston, she served for many years on the Faculty Senate.

  • Associate Editor, NACCS Annual Proceedings, 2018-2021
  • Board, At-Large Representative, 2015-present
  • Coordinating Committee, Texas region representative, 1995-97
  • Conference Director, NACCS Tejas Foco Regional Conference, “The Chicana/o Intellectual and Curricular Transformation,” University of Houston, 13-14 October 2000

Vision for NACCS

I have always seen NACCS as the intellectual arm of the Chicanx Movement.  Teaching the scholarship of our community, NACCS records the Chicanx community’s intellectual products, creative works, and social activist interests.  NACCS also supports the further development of such endeavors.  Supportive to the educational ambitions of the community, NACCS supports Chicanx teachers, scholars, and students.  My hope is for NACCS to continue to provide a space for the exchange of our intellectual and activist work

Term: 3 years (chair-elect, chair, and past-chair)


The Chair-Elect will be directly elected by the general membership to serve for one year before succeeding to become the National Chair. In the Chairperson's absence, the Chair-Elect of NACCS shall perform the duties of the National Chair. The Chair-Elect also serves as the Program Chair for the annual NACCS conference and the Nominations Committee.
In the event of the National Chair’s resignation, inability, refusal to serve or perform the duties of the position, a vacancy shall be declared and the Chair-Elect shall succeed as the National Chair early on. If this occurrence takes place in the first half of the National Chair’s term, then a special election will be held to fill the Chair-Elect position upon its vacancy. If the vacancy takes place after six months into the term, then the Chair-Elect position will remain vacant until the next scheduled election for the position and the new National Chair will serve until the end of her/his regular term. In the event that the Chair-Elect is unable or unwilling to succeed to the position of National Chair, then the National Board shall select a representative to perform the duties of the National Chair for the unexpired portion of the term.

To be eligible to run for this office, a candidate for Chair-Elect must: (1) be a member in good-standing; (2) have been a member continuously for the previous four (4) years before assuming office; (3) have had significant, active participation in NACCS; (4) have provided a significant, active contribution to Chicana & Chicano Studies; and (5) have contributed to advance the interests and needs of the Chicana & Chicano community. This person cannot hold more than one National Board office in NACCS at the same time, nor run consecutively for this office.

The chair-elect will then take on the responsibilities of the Chair and then the Past-Chair.