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  Ethnic Studies (Chicana/o Studies)

  Tenure Track, 10 months

  Review Date: 6/10/2024, 202300138

For the complete job announcement and requirements see link:
College of the Canyons is seeking a faculty leader in the area of Ethnic Studies (Chicana/o Studies). This is a 10-MONTH professional, full-time tenure track position beginning Fall 2024. The position may include a combination of teaching, department, college, and community leadership functions.  Assignment may include day, evening, and weekend duties at all District sites. 

The College is expecting to conduct initial interviews the week of June 17, 2024 and final interviews the week of June 24, 2024.  This is a tentative schedule and is subject to change.  Anticipated starting date August 9, 2024 (start date not negotiable).
Initial Salary Placement on Academic Salary Schedule C is dependent on education and experience. Initial salary range is from:  $79,308 – $126,084 annually (adjusted for 12 months of pay per year).  Column placement is based on education and step placement will be based on years of professional experience, not to exceed nine (9) years’ experience for a maximum placement of Step 10.  For details, click on link to Academic Salary Schedule.
The Santa Clarita Community District is committed to achieving educational equity for all students. As presented in our District Strategic Plan, which focuses on Access, Engagement, and Success, “Equity, inclusion, and diversity are not goals in themselves, but ideologies embedded in all actions and planning across all departments and functions of our college and its two campuses.
College of the Canyons is part of the Santa Clarita Community College District and is designated as a Hispanic Serving Institution (HSI), enrolling approximately 32,000 students each academic year. College of the Canyons has a diverse student population that reflects our focus on enhancing the educational attainment and economic well-being of the community we proudly serve. We seek employees that value mentorship and working in a collegial, collaborative environment, who are conscientious risk takers and transformational leaders guided by a commitment to helping all students achieve their educational goals.
Further Details
Initial Salary Placement on Academic Salary Schedule C is dependent on education and experience. Initial salary range is from:  $79,308 – $126,084 annually (adjusted for 12 months of pay per year). Column placement is based on education and step placement will be based on years of professional experience, not to exceed nine (9) years’ experience for a maximum placement of Step 10. For details, click on link to Academic Salary Schedule.
Possession of an unexpired California Community College Instructor Credential in Ethnic Studies.
  • OR- Master’s in Chicana/o Studies.
  • OR- Master’s in Latino Studies, La Raza Studies, African American Studies, Black Studies, Africana Studies, Asian American Studies, Native American Studies, or American Indian Studies.
  • OR- Master’s in Ethnic Studies
  • OR- An official transcript documenting successful completion of any Master's degree from an accredited institution of higher education
  • AND official transcripts documenting successful completion of 24 semester units in the discipline at the upper division and graduate level, a minimum of which must be 12 graduate level semester units. 
NOTE ON EQUIVALENCY: Certain combinations of education, experience and other accomplishments in the field may be judged by the District as equal to the stated minimum qualifications for this position. Candidates whose transcripts do not list the title of their degree exactly as listed above, or who otherwise feel they possess such equivalent qualifications, are encouraged to seek consideration on the basis of possessing equivalent qualifications through the Request for Equivalency forms located here. These forms must be uploaded with your application materials. 
*Applicants who meet equivalent qualifications must also submit a Request for Equivalency Form. 
*Note to current COC adjunct instructors in the discipline: If you were qualified and hired under the previous set of equivalencies, you may still qualify for this position. Please contact Human Resources.

Please detail on your application if you have:
  • Experience and skill incorporating elements of diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility into all areas of responsibility;
  • Recent experience working with diverse student populations and an understanding of how historical patterns of exclusion of traditionally minoritized students within higher education shape patterns of participation and outcomes;
  • Experience and skill with addressing issues of equity, social justice, and multicultural education; Experience in culturally responsive teaching in Ethnic Studies, particularly as it relates to relevance of Ethnic Studies to students’ lives, interests, and communities; 
  • Experience writing Ethnic Studies curriculum for institutional articulation; Knowledge and application of the major epistemological considerations informing the discipline of Ethnic Studies, including relevant history and contexts of the field, contributing theories, and pedagogical approaches; 
  • Commitment to maintain currency in the discipline, including use of advanced technology required in the discipline. 
  • Experience with online teaching and pedagogy is desired. 
  • Strong commitment to professional growth and development, and to the continued innovation and improvement of successful teaching.
  • Ability to work effectively with computers and other forms of advanced technology utilized in providing high quality instruction and the understanding and successful use of learning technology. 
  • Willingness to facilitate and encourage student success by working to develop varied and innovative academic learning environments. 
  • Ability to communicate professionally and clearly with students and staff, both orally and in writing. Demonstrated ability to establish and maintain positive and effective working relationships with on-campus groups (including students, faculty, administrators and staff), as well as, off-campus community and education partners. 
  • In addition to being well qualified to teach in their respective disciplines, it is desirable that faculty have additional abilities and interests in contributing to other professional pursuits at the College, such as: instructional innovation, second language ability, sponsoring clubs, new program development, student success initiatives and community outreach.
  • Demonstrated sensitivity to, and understanding of, the diverse academic, socio-economic, cultural, ethnic and disability backgrounds of community college students.

Application Process:

This application process is ongoing until 6/10/2024

If you require assistance, please call the Human Resources office at (661) 362-3427 or email:

Applicants are encouraged to complete their applications online at:

All materials listed below are required to be considered for an interview. Applicants are encouraged to apply online by visiting our website at Jobs at COC. All application materials must be uploaded online or received by the Human Resources Department, located in the University Center, Suite 360. College of the Canyons, 26455 Rockwell Canyon Road, Santa Clarita, California 91355. If you require assistance, please contact the Human Resources Office at (661) 362-3427 or for hearing impaired TTY/TDD (661) 362-5178. 

  • District ACADEMIC Application.
  • Current detailed resume summarizing education and experience.
  • Complete College transcripts verifying educational degree(s) and/or coursework required for the position. Unofficial or copies of transcripts may be submitted for application purposes (please include both the front and back of ALL transcript pages); however, official transcripts must be submitted at the time of hiring. Copies of college diplomas are not acceptable in lieu of transcripts.  Important note on minimum education requirements: Units and/or degree(s) earned must have been awarded by a college or university accredited by an agency recognized by the American Council on Post-Secondary Education. The candidate is responsible for providing equivalency evaluation recognized by the District for degrees and/or units earned outside the United States, degrees from a college or university not accredited by an agency recognized by the American Council on Post-Secondary Education, or if degree is not in the exact discipline required. For your convenience, we accept any company who is a current member of NACES.
It is the applicant’s responsibility to ensure that the official application packet is fully and correctly completed. All materials submitted become the property of the District. Materials will not be returned, copied or considered for other openings. Complete applications will be kept on file for two (2) years from the date the application is initially received.