Ethnic Studies, Chabot College, PT

  Ethnic Studies
PT Instructor

Chabot College

Location: Chabot College
25555 Hesperian Blvd
Hayward, CA  94545
Start Date: Fall 2024
Closing Date: May 10th or Until Filled
Salary: $2,034.43/CAH - $2,276.74/CAH
The Chabot-Las Positas Community College District is seeking a part-time Ethnic Studies instructor for Chabot College in Hayward, CA.  This is a pool to fill part-time position(s) for Fall 2024.  Applicants will be expected to provide instruction for a class titled “Intro to Latinx Studies” in-person and “Intro to Ethnic Studies” at Chabot College and/or at local middle and high schools through Dual Enrollment.
Duties and Responsibilities:
  1. 1. Demonstrated ability to teach lower-division Ethnic Studies courses, especially “Intro to Latinx Studies”; possibly also comparative Ethnic Studies courses and/or courses in African American Studies, Asian American Studies, Chicanx/Latinx Studies and Native American Studies;
  2. Demonstrated ability to teach lower-division level, college-credit, Ethnic Studies courses off-campus at a middle or high school through our Dual Enrollment programs;
  3. Demonstrated ability to teach online courses;
  4. Ability to work effectively with colleagues in an environment that promotes innovation, teaching, learning and service to diverse student population and surrounding communities;
  5. Ability to effectively work with students with a wide range of motivations, academic and vocational goals who are diverse in terms of academic preparation, cultural, socioeconomic, and ethnic backgrounds as well as physical and learning disabilities;
  6. Ability to participate in the development of curricula, including curricula delivered via new modalities;
  7. Ability to participate in recruitment and articulation activities with schools, colleges and universities;
  8. Ability to communicate effectively in both oral and written form;
  9. Ability to assess student learning outcomes;
  10. Maintain student records, provide documentation, and follow established College timelines;
  11. Structure classes and curriculum to correspond with institutional, program, and course outcomes;
  12. Prepare, distribute and utilize instructional support materials, including course syllabi, supplementary materials, instructional media and other devices as appropriate;
  13. Convene classes as scheduled and respond to student inquiries;
  14. Provide assistance to students outside the classroom through posted office hours;
  15. Ability to teach late afternoon, evening, weekend distance learning, and/or off campus;
  16. Perform other related duties as assigned.
Minimum Qualifications:
  • Master’s in African American Studies, Black Studies, Africana Studies, Latino Studies, La Raza Studies, Chicana/o Studies, Asian American Studies, Native American Studies, or American Indian Studies OR Master’s in Ethnic Studies OR the equivalent.
  • Evidence of understanding of and responsiveness to the diverse academic, socioeconomic, cultural, disability, gender identity, sexual orientation, racial and ethnic backgrounds of community college students, as these factors relate to the need for equity-minded practices within the classroom.
  • Applicants applying under the “Equivalent” provision must provide details that explain at time of application how their academic preparation is the equivalent of the degree listed above.
Desirable Qualifications:
  1. Teaching experience in classes titled or similar to “Intro to Latinx Studies” or Ethnic Studies courses focused on the broader Latina/o/x community, and comparative ethnic studies at the college level, specifically community college;
  2. Experience teaching online and with application of methods that are effective for online learning;
  3. Demonstrated knowledge in critical pedagogy when teaching Latinx Studies, Chicanx Studies, and Ethnic Studies, at the college level and with students of middle school and/or high school age;
  4. Demonstrated ability to relate to and instruct a non-traditional diverse student population;
  5. Demonstrated working knowledge of current issues, trends, and developments in the fields of Latinx Studies, Chicanx Studies, and Ethnic studies, particularly as they relate to Latina/o/x communities;
  6. Demonstrated commitment to social change and community engagement work, particularly in the Latinx/o/x/community;
  7. Demonstrated ability to utilize a variety of teaching methods including lectures, collaborative learning, and individualized instruction;
  8. Demonstrated ability to relate and explain complex subject matter to first- and second-year college students;
  9. Demonstrated ability to examine and remediate one’s instructional, relational, and pedagogical practices to more effectively engage and support the needs of diverse community college students;
  10. Willingness to promote/outreach for classes and ethnic studies program at Chabot College;
  11. Willingness to serve, mentor, and build community with ethnic studies majors.
Physical Demands and Working Environment:
Individuals with disabilities who are unable to carry out the physical activities of the position will receive reasonable accommodations to enable them to perform the essential functions of the positions.
Notification to Applicants
The Chabot-Las Positas Community College District reserves the right to close or not fill any advertised position.
TO APPLY, please send the following application materials to the contact listed below:
1. Cover Letter
2. Resume
3. College Transcripts (Unofficial copies accepted for application purposes; however, official copies must be submitted if hired.) Any degrees earned outside of the United States must have a U.S. evaluation (course by course) of the transcripts and must be submitted with the application. (Please use to obtain evaluations.)
4. PT Faculty Application (Application procedures also included below)
Name: Kay Fischer
Department: Ethnic Studies
Special Instructions to Applicants: The Board of Trustees has implemented a vaccine mandate for all employees.  Accordingly, finalist(s) must comply with the vaccine mandate prior to being forwarded to the Board of Trustees for approval. See vaccine mandate information at
It is the policy of this District to provide equal opportunity in all areas of employment practices and to assure that there shall be no discrimination against any person on the basis of sex, ancestry, age, marital status, race, religious creed, mental disability, medical condition (including HIV and AIDS), color, national origin, physical disability, family or sexual preference status and other similar factors in compliance with Title IX, Sections 503 and 504 of the Rehabilitation Act, other federal and state non-discrimination regulations, and its own statements of philosophy of objectives.  The District encourages the filing of applications by both sexes, ethnic minorities, and the disabled.
The Chabot College Community Equity Statement
Chabot College is committed to educational equity in its academic programs and college services so that students may achieve their personal, educational, and career goals.  Our equity work today builds upon a strong history: the Puente and Umoja programs were first created at Chabot College, and have since been replicated across the state.  These programs have paved the way for a series of additional educational and student support programs intentionally focused on equity that thrive at Chabot College today.  
Chabot College is located in Hayward, California, the third most diverse city in the United States. We serve a highly diverse student population and are proud to be designated as a Hispanic Serving Institution.  Information about the demographics of our campus community can be found here. 
Serving our diverse community requires a culturally-responsive approach that recognizes the myriad strengths and assets that our students bring to the campus community.  We do so by promoting a classroom and co-curricular learning environment that is inclusive, collaborative, engaging, and challenging, and where respect, dignity, and integrity are core values.  We see students as producers of knowledge, not just consumers of knowledge.  We work to reframe inequities as a problem of practice, and view the elimination of inequities as an individual and institutional responsibility.
Joining Our College Community
We seek equity-minded applicants who demonstrate they understand the benefits diversity brings to an educational community.  We look for applicants who:
1. Value and intentionally promote diversity and consciousness of difference
2. Demonstrate cultural humility and an ongoing desire to improve cultural competence
3. Are dedicated to addressing issues of social justice
4. Accept their shared role and responsibility in addressing opportunity and achievement gaps experienced by students
5. Have experience and success in closing student equity gaps and engaging in equitable practices, or are knowledgeable and enthusiastic about implementing practices that achieve these goals
6. Actively seek to identify, disrupt, and remove institutional and/or systemic barriers that adversely impact historically marginalized communities
7. Empower the underrepresented and underserved
8. Foster students’ potential to become global citizens and socially responsible leaders
9. Believe that all people have the right to an education and work environment free from fear, harassment, or discrimination.