2022 Conference Proceedings


2022: 50 Years of Activist Scholarship


50 Years of Activist Scholarship Selected Proceedings of the 2022 Meeting of the National Association for Chicana and Chicano Studies (complete proceedings)
L Heidenreich, Washington State University
Eddy Francisco Alvarez, California State University, Fullerton
Jennifer Mata
Isabel Millán, University of Oregon

Deep Roots, Rich Legacies: Honoring Fifty Years of Scholar-Activism
L Heidenreich, Washington State University

PART ONE: Building a National Scholar-Activist Organization
Chair Welcome
Roberto D. Hernández, San Diego State University

Plenary Address: NACCS vs. Colorado’s Anti-GLB Amendment 2, 1992
Luis Torres

Plenary Address: Retrospective: Shifting and Shaping Lesbian/Queer Space within NACCS
Rusty V. Barceló

PART TWO: Los Relatos de la Vida
Paths to Conocimiento Chisme Save Lives: Chisme, and #MeToo as Storytelling Interventions in Sexual Violence
Amanda Tovar, University of Texas, Austin

Self/Other, Other/Self: Conocimiento as Pedagogical Practice
Gabriella Sanchez, Texas Woman's University
Jesus Jaime-Diaz, University of Arizona
Josie Méndez Negrete, University of Texas at San Antonio

Pandemic Pivoting within Academia and Activism: An Exploration of New Forms of Classroom Pedagogies and Latinx/Chicanx Scholarship
Margaret Cantu-Sanchez, Saint Mary's University of San Antonio

Conceptualizing Academic Putería: A Critical Reflection of the WAPS, DAPs, and Flops
Tess Pantoja Perez, University of Texas at San Antonio
Olga Estrada, University of Texas at San Antonio

PART THREE: A Field for the Twenty-first Century:
Toward a Global and Intersectional A Scholar-Activism: The Campaign for Decent Housing: Black and Latino Coalition Building in Durham, North Carolina
Elizabeth Barahona, Northwestern University

Toward a New Chicanidad: New Tribalism, Environmental Justice, and China
Alejandro Ollin Prado, University of California, Santa

NACCS Familia, Knowledge & Activismo: Contemplations from a Past Chair
Karleen M. Pendleton Jimenez, Trent University