2015 Conference Proceedings
Call for Submissions

2015 San Francisco

The Editorial Board for the 2015 Conference Proceedings invites all participants in the NACCS 42nd Annual Conference held in San Francsico, CA to submit their presentations for possible publication in a forthcoming edited volume. The 42nd Annual Conference Proceedings will be published in electronic format in the Fall 2016. We especially encourage NACCS members that presented papers at the San Francisco conference focused on the conference theme.  Paper submissions should be in Word format, double-spaced, and a maximum of 25 pages. In addition, submissions should follow a standard writing format such as the MLA, ASA, APA, or the Manual of Style by the University of Chicago. Please send submissions via email only.

Deadline for submissions: May 30, 2015.

Send submissions to: proceedings@naccs.org

For more information contact: Nelia Olivencia at nelia@naccs.org

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