NCal Foco Becas for AB540 Students

Scholarship Information and Application

The Northern California Foco of the National Association for Chicana and Chicano Studies (NACCS) offers scholarship for AB540 students who are committed to furthering the well being of Chicanas and Chicanos. Applicants must be members of NACCS, be enrolled in a public accredited degree-granting institution and be AB540 immigrants of Chicana/o heritage .

The Northern California Foco Scholarship Fund was founded in 2000 to help Chicana and Chicano college students complete their education. The scholarships are available on a competitive basis for community college, four-year college, and graduate students.  Awards range from $100 to $500. The number and amount of scholarships vary depending upon applicants and availability of funds.

Eligibility checklist
__ Must be a current student member of NACCS.   
__ Must be an AB540 immigrant student of Chicana/o heritage.
__ Must reside in Northern California region.
__ Must be a full-time student in a Northern California public College or University.
__ Must be committed to the betterment of the Chicana and Chicano population as described in the NACCS preamble.

Applications are evaluated on the following criteria:

Personal Statement (writing skills, personal strengths & goals, community involvement, and other qualities).  Include explanation of immigrant experience, financial need, and academic standing in essay. The essay is a 600 word essay and it should not exceed 600 words. Write the essay first in Word or WordPerfect, do a word count, and then cut and paste onto this online form.

The selection criteria may also vary according to donor requirements.

APPLICATIONS ARE AVAILABLE:  for NCal Foco members.       

NOTIFICATION OF AWARD:  Scholarship awards will be announced by mail and presented during a Northern California Foco Meeting (Date/Location TBA).   Recipients must attend to accept the Scholarship.  Dates will be indicated in award letter.

1) Complete this application ONLY if you meet all eligibility requirements.  Ineligible applications will not be returned but will be disqualified.
2) Provide statement in which you tell us about yourself and how you carry out your commitment to the betterment of Chicanas and Chicanos in your pursuit of higher education as related to the mission of NACCS.
3) Financial Need-tells us the sources of money you use for academic expenses (scholarships, fellowships, parents, work, and/or personal savings).

Required field(s) are indicated by an *.
* Date of Birth / / (MM/DD/YYYY)
* Anticipated date of graduation / / (MM/DD/YYYY)


In 600 words or less write an essay about your personal strengths, goals, community involvement, and other qualities that are pertinent to your commitment to the betterment of Chicanas and Chicanos in terms of the mission of NACCS. Tell us about your immigrant experience and how it affects your educational pursuits. Tell us about your financial need and your academic achievement within your essay. Please do not exceed the 600 words.

I understand that the application materials become the property of the Northern California Foco of NACCS and will not be returned to me. I understand that if I am selected as a recipient, I will need to present certifed enrollment that I a current student in a Northern California public College or University and have AB540 status. I also understand that if selected as a recipient I must be present at a Foco activity to receive the award. Finally, I am or will be a member of NACCS by May 4th otherwise my application will not be considered. I have read this application certification and by submitting this application I accept all conditions.

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