2020 NACCS Board Nominations

The Nominations Committee seeks candidates and/or self-nominations for Chair-elect, Treasurer-elect, Secretary and two At Large Representative. If you are interested in running or want to nominate a candidate, the nomination form includes 3 questions regarding participation in NACCS, in Chicana & Chicano Studies and Community. The contact information you provide must also include a short biographical sketch.

Preferred/Eligibility Criteria

  • Current membership in NACCS
  • Immediate past membership in NACCS (for Chair-elect/Chair, Secretary, and Treasurer-elect/Treasurer 4 years minimum of past membership; for At-Large Reps two years minimum of past membership)
  • Significant and Demonstrated active participation in NACCS
  • Significant and Demonstrated active contribution to Chicana & Chicano Studies
  • Demonstrated contributions to advance the interests and needs of the Chicana & Chicano community
  • Active participation in NACCS Foco and/or Caucus

The nomination of any individual is not considered final. Based on the nominations received and/or outreached to, the Nominations Committee will decide on the slate that best represents the diversity (region, interest, and/or research) of the NACCS body. 

Submit your nomination(s) by November 30, 2019.


You can nominate yourself or an individual. If you are nominating an individual other than yourself, please confirm eligibility criteria and acceptance prior to submitting.

At Large Representatives, Secretary, Treasurer-elect/Treasurer candidates are being sought from these regions: Pacific NW, Northern California, Tejas, Colorado and Rocky Mountain. One At-large must represent the Joteria/LBMT membership.

Chair-Elect/Chair may come from any region.

Nominations will be vetted by the Nomination Committee to be considered for the positions. Nomination does not guarantee selection.


Required field(s) are indicated by an *.

Information of Nominee. If nominating a person other than yourself, please provide contact (email) information.

Describe the nominee's past NACCS organizational involvement

Describe the nominee's contribution to Chicana and Chicano Studies

Describe the nominee's contribution to advancing the interests and needs of the community

Include a short biographical sketch not covered by questions.

Email of individual submitting nomination


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