Francisco Villegas, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Department of Sociology
Kalamazoo College
Kalamazoo, MI

I have been on what I call my "North American" tour for the past few years. In reality,  a series of dislocations that consisted of forced movement across national boundaries. I was born in Guadalajara, Mexico, raised in the Bay Area, and spent a decade in Toronto, Canada,  where I completed my PhD in Sociology in Education at the University of Toronto. I returned to the U.S. as an Assistant Professor at Kalamazoo College in Michigan where I have spent the last four years. As a Chicana and Chicano Studies influenced professor, I serve students at “K” and specifically in the department of Anthropology and Sociology by creating communities engaging insight from Freire and Fanon to guide my work and introducing them to NACCS.

My first contact with NACCS was through the Northern California Foco in 2004 when I received  the NCAL Scholarship while pursuing an MA in Mexican American Studies at SJSU. The Dr. Galarza/NCAL Foco Scholarship was important beyond the funding as an AB540 student. In those years we were prohibited from having driver’s licenses, there was no California Dream Act, and no DACA, we were on our own to pursue our education. As an AB540 student it was difficult for me to travel to the yearly meetings because of the constant fear of apprehension and deportation. 

I left the U.S. to pursue a Ph.D. in Toronto. There, I continued to be involved in NACCS virtually through the newsletters, webpage announcements and some contact with our other Canadian NACCS colleagues. I was fortunate to receive a NACCS immigrant student Beca in 2008. At that time, I was unable to travel to the U.S. because of the ten-year ban imposed on me for having lived in the U.S. as a “dreamer.” But I never lost touch of the role NACCS plays in shaping the type of academic I am.

NACCS is important to me. Chicana and Chicano Studies provided me with the first glimpse of myself in schooling. Since returning to the U.S. as an Assistant Professor I have embraced the opportunity to take my students to experience what gave me the ability to make my current position possible. In 2017, I took seven of my students to the Irvine conference, the next year we drove two vans and thirteen students to the Minneapolis conference, and I was able to take eight to Albuquerque. Prior to Covid-19, we registered 7 students to attend the conference in Seattle. I have consistently been heartened by the generosity of senior scholars who took the time to converse with my students and to confirm why this is an organization I want them to experience.

For the past two years as an At-Large Representative I have put my experience to work collaboratively with the board to strengthen member relations. In this role I have worked with the Board to revise the bylaws of 2017 to ensure standing of NACCS as a non-profit. Because of COVID-19 we were asked to stay on the board for in additional year, so I have served as the Chair of the Cervantes Premio Committee for three years, acted as a co-editor for the Minneapolis Conference Proceedings, and reviewed proposals for three conferences. Most importantly, in my role as At-Large Rep I have connected my Focos and Caucuses to the rest of the organization by seeking input and speaking up on the board. This year, I seek a new role by putting my name as a candidate for Treasurer-Elect. I will continue to support NACCS and to do work that serves the organization, the members, and our future. I seek your support and I thank you for your vote.




Term:  Three years

Duties:  During Treasurer Elect year will be trained in the use of fiscal data access to reports, developing records, and preparing fiscal reports to present to the board and the membership.  During this year will also learn about preparing Foco and Caucus directories and dues and member rebates reports and procedures for accessing funds.  After year one as Treasurer-Elect will become Treasurer.  As Treasurer will oversee financial reporting for NACCS. Prepares and present a report of fiscal standing to the board at the monthly meetings and develops necessary plans for fundraising and outreach to funding possibilities.  Prepares reports of membership and rebates to be distributed at annual meetings.  Works with Foco and Caucus Leadership to prepare documents to access funds.  Meets one time per year with executive director to prepare fiscal report of assets and liabilities.  In the position as Treasurer serves as signer for all Prepares membership reports and oversees annual fundraising activities.  Communicate with individuals regarding bad debt or outstanding payments in collaboration with Executive Director.  Chair fiscal or economic standing committee(s) and prepares reports for Board and to deliver to general membership.  Maintains records of payments to consultants. Works closely with Executive Director receiving all communications dealing with fiscal matters from members, conference registrants, and vendors.  With executive committee [Chair, Chair-Elect, Past-Chair, Secretary, Executive Director and Associate Director (as needed)] discusses actions pertinent to the fiscal well-being, maintenance and standing of non-profit standing, etc.

During the Treasurer-elect year this person does not vote on the board and does not attend the Midyear meeting.  However, there is one trip to meet and work with Treasurer and Executive Director for instruction and integration purposes. 

Attend monthly Conference Call meetings, ten months during the year.  Attend midyear meetings, serve on committees as designated, and attend and participate at Annual meeting.  During annual meeting participate in board meetings.  Participate in NACCS for Beginners and be the Lead in preparing the Leadership Orientation, and participate in the general business meeting.  During the annual meetings work with Executive Director as needed to develop on-site reports on registration revenue.  May hold office hours to assist Foco and Caucus leadership with questions regarding fiscal reporting policies and general organizational financial issues. Must be knowledgeable of fiscal reporting practices and demonstrated experience in preparation of asset and liability reports using excel.  Must have some organizational experience with accounts and non-profit organizational demands.  Must be knowledgeable of NACCS bylaws and procedures.