2020 NACCS Exhibitor/Ads






All sales are final and non refundable.

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Select Option:
Table at NACCS (full, half, or combined):

$1200 full table
$900 second table
$800 half table/shared
$525 combined book table (up to 4 books and promotional materials)

Program Ads: Ad size is based on an 8 by 11.5 page. Black/White print.

Exhibitor with purchase of a table or 1/2 table:
$800 Full page
$600 Half page

Advertisement with no exhibitor table purchase:
$2,500 Full page
$1,500 Half page
$750 Quarter page
$400 Business Card

Event Dates: 4/15/2020 to 4/19/2020

Location Address
Sheraton Grand Hotel 1400 6th Ave
Seattle, Washington
United States of America



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